Live Streaming Solutions

Spondo takes the complexity out of live streaming and takes your event beyond your venue’s capacity. Why not make money from live streaming your valuable content? Let us deliver an awesome visual and audio experience for you.


We give you the tools to sell your video content and make money. Whether it’s Pay Per View or Subscription, you set your price point and make money every time someone watches your content. Spondo’s revenue distribution engine tracks the sale of your content from any site and ensures every stakeholder gets their share of revenue. You get paid monthly.

Embeddable Player

Our embeddable player lets you put your content anywhere online. The player comes in several different styles to complement your own site and branding.


Let your friends sell your video content from their site for you and earn a revenue share at the same time. Our syndication feature generates a unique embed code for affiliates. We track sales for you from every site and make sure everybody gets paid their fair share.

Device Friendly

Viewers can watch on any web-connected device. We cater for mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Android or iOS. And of course, you can throw a piece of content to your big screen.

Record Live Streams

A lot of time and effort goes into a live performance. Not only can we record any live stream for you to sell over and over, but we can also edit a highlights package for you. It’s your content. You should show it to the world again and again.


We’ve partnered with the best production teams to ensure your event gets the coverage it deserves. Whether you’re streaming live or recording, our guys get it. There’s no need to look for separate production and streaming providers. Spondo can manage the whole process for you.

What have you got to lose? Contact Spondo now to get started.

David Stavropoulos
0411 886 990